• Edgewood Arts Center - Monroe Street Market (map)
  • 3415 8th Street Northeast
  • Washington, DC, 20017
  • United States

The +Impact Conference, Washington D.C. This event is open to the general public. Please click here to register. 

Causecast provides giving and volunteering technology solutions that help companies reach the highest levels of employee engagement and social impact.
In contrast to the sluggish, forms-based, top-down approach taken by legacy giving and volunteering systems providers, Causecast helps companies build high-impact employee-led programs that are globally meaningful, locally relevant, and easy to manage – for a far lower total cost of ownership.
We believe that providing companies with easy-to-use ways to engage employees alongside one another in giving and volunteering activities is key to creating lasting social change and reaping the benefits of employee engagement. We recognize that engagement is not an end in itself, but a means to achieving better results for people, business and community. 

You can visit the Causecast Website here