• Pennsylvania Convention Center (map)
  • 1101 Arch Street
  • Philadelphia, PA, 19107
  • United States

Annual conference, Philadelphia, PA. This event is open to NBMBAA members and MBMBAA corporate and university partners. You can register for the conferenc here

NBMBAA® was conceived in 1970 and for early members – Blacks coming into the corporate sector, largely for the first time – it was a way to share experiences and insights to help make a difficult journey easier. By nurturing these new professionals, the organization helped early members navigate and, ultimately, succeed in unfamiliar and frequently hostile environments. It is those professionals who have risen up and reached back to bring up the next generation of Black business professionals. This has carried through the decades as the members who have followed found the same sense of connection and camaraderie among their colleagues, and have continued to reach back to uplift new generations.

You can visit the NBMBAA website here