Cue Ball

June 15th, 2016 - Dan delivered THE OPENING PLENARY at the 6th annual on cue HUMAN CAPITAL CONFERENCE 


On Cue is an amazing event organized by the Cue Ball investment group in Boston and hosted by author and entrepreneur Tony Tjan. Cue Ball believes that human capital is the most important kind of capital, and they put their money where their mouth is every year by bringing together 300 incredible venture capitalists, thought leaders, artists, philanthropists, leaders and humanitarians in a spirit of generosity and hospitality with no agenda larger than giving the gift of human relationship itself. I gave a very personal talk in which I spoke about some of the friends I lost during the AIDS epidemic, the miracle that is the achievement of equal marriage rights, and the importance of using the events of our lives, whether good or bad, to re-define the world around us for all those who will follow us.

Incredible photos by John Werner